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Request an Inspection

It is imperative to provide accurate information on the Inspection Request Form as incorrect information such as contact numbers, email addresses and gaining access to properties can prove extremely challenging especially if the information provided is incorrect or a tenant is occupying the property in question.

There is also the challenge of arranging appointments and gaining access with the owner or occupier of the property as like most of us, we do all need to work and arrangements need to be made to take time off from work for these inspections to be undertaken.

The client or Seller/Owner of the property also requires to provide us their permission to undertake inspections and subsequent repairs, if any, and may wish to obtain a second opinion on the inspection report provided. This can be time consuming.

However, One-Call-Five-Inspections will continuously endeavour and attempt to ensure that inspections are carried out timeously and certificates issued as promptly as possible to avoid any unnecessary delays in the process.

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Inspection fees are a professional consultation fee and are payable irrespective of the results of the inspection.

You may pay your inspection fees on completion of the inspection/s carried out in cash or via EFT upon invoice, whether paid by yourself or by the Transferring Attorneys.

If the inspections are clear, the certificate/s will be issued at no additional cost i.e. there is no cost involved for the issuing of the certificate/s – the inspection fee cost is for the inspection/s which were undertaken at the property.

A full Inspection Report with a quote to rectify any non compliant faults will be issued to yourself of which you may either accept or if you wish to utilise the services of a third party company to undertake the necessary repair work, such third party will need to issue the Certificates as we do not issue certificates on a 3rd party’s inspection or repair work undertaken. The client remains ultimately however responsible for the settlement of our Inspection Fees, irrespective of whether the repairs are effected by ourselves or by a third party.

Our payment terms for the plumbing and electrical quoted repair amounts are noted on our Inspection Reports in order for you to make a decision on your preferred payment option.

The relevant certificates will be emailed to the Transferring Attorneys directly and the originals will be posted to their offices.

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