About Us - One Call Five Inspections
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About Us

ONE-CALL-FIVE-INSPECTIONS was founded by David Flanigan, a qualified Plumber by trade who offers 32 years in the building and related industries. He is an accredited licensed plumber with the Municipality of Cape Town. Because of his building and related fields of expertise, he has been able to offer a complete home inspection service.

We therefore offer:


  • Plumbing Inspections and all related Plumbing Repair works
  • Electrical Inspections and all related Electrical Repair works
  • Plumbing Repair
  • Electric Repair

Quality Workmanship

ONE-CALL-FIVE-INSPECTIONS offers quality workmanship and brilliant service.

Punctuality & Efficiency

By using ONE-CALL-FIVE-INSPECTIONS you are assured of punctuality and an efficient, fast-moving organization.

Serving The Cape Peninsula

We carry out inspections in all areas in Cape Town excluding the areas south of Tokai.